Genshin Impact: The Answers To Arkasha Riddles (Utsava Festival: Delicious riddles)


Among the many mini-games that players will encounter when exploring Sumeru in Genshin Impact, Festival Utsava: Delicious Riddles is one of them. A small Aranarian creature named Araesha will test the knowledge of Travelers by answering three questions that will become increasingly difficult.

In each puzzle, Araesha will give players a description of an item that can be food or material in Genshin Impact. Correct answers to all the riddles will reward travelers with an adventure experience and a special flower.

Answers to Araesha’s Riddles in Genshin Impact

When interacting with Araesha in Genshin Impact, players will need to answer three riddles to win a mini-game. The first one is “Round, red and delicious, it hangs on a tree, moist and sweet.” The answer is really simple, since this is only the first riddle — Apple. Araesha will say that it was easy and there are even more delicious riddles. Talk to them again to listen to the next one.

The second riddle sounds like this: “It exists only in a dream and in no other place, it is mandatory for the Utsava festival.” Select viparyi from the inventory to answer correctly. As with the first riddle, Araesha notes that it is easy, and adds that it is also common knowledge, since Genshin Impact travelers are good friends with Aranara.

Before revealing the last riddle, Araesha notes that it will be difficult to such an extent that even Araja will not know the solution. The third riddle: “There are stars in the sky, and she is on earth. The stars don’t see the sun, and it doesn’t like the sun either.” The correct answer is a Star Mushroom. Many of them can be found in all the caves of Sumeru and in the Abyss, exploring the underground mines in Genshin Impact.

Having accurately solved the third riddle, Araesha will praise the players, and then ask if smart Nara wants to become their friend. Agreement puts the Aranar creature in high spirits, and Travelers get the Araesha Flower and 150 Adventurer EXPERIENCE.

“Delicious Araesha Riddles” in Genshin Impact is part of the Utsava Festival. Here, players must talk to several aranars (marked with a blue exclamation mark on the map) and play with some of them. Most of the Aranara simply hand the players a flower since they traveled with the main character, but some others would like to have fun with the Wanderer before giving them a precious flower. For example, players have to play one game of hide and seek and one game of collecting Dendro particles.

As soon as all the aranara give the players a flower, go to the center of Vanarana and sing with them. A heartfelt video will begin showing the highlight of the Utsava Festival.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.


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