Genshin Impact: Sumeru is a breath of fresh air after Inazuma


Genshin Impact is widely known for its fascinating research. Players can freely travel through vast regions, each of which has its own terrain and landmarks. Research is then rewarded with chests, interesting local tasks, or even some secrets.

However, many Genshin Impact players were not too happy with Inazuma’s research. After the picturesque hills of Mondstadt and the rocky but calm terrain of Liue, the land of eternity was a radical change. The mostly stormy climate of Inazuma was already a gloomy backdrop, but combined with the areas of Baletander and targeted lightning strikes, the exploration soon turned from pleasant to tedious. Then came the Twilight.

The Sumeru region Genshin Impact turns exploration into an exciting activity again

The newly discovered Sumeru region in Genshin Impact opens up a green rainforest for players. Located to the west of Liue, the land is filled with tall trees, brand new creatures, and even new exploration mechanics. It is brighter and more welcoming than Inazuma, which is why so many players have become attached to the new region so quickly.

One of the reasons for Inazuma’s tedious research was the fact that some areas were actively trying to harm the player. The area around the Mikage furnace, for example, caused a Balethunder status effect, draining players’ health if they did not summon an Electric Crane from the Thunder Sakura plant. The Balethunder effect could be permanently removed after completing the local tasks of “Tatara’s Stories” about Genshin Impact. However, this quest line often required the player to go to the affected areas, so it was still a tedious exploration. The same applies to other areas of Inazuma, such as Mount Yugou, the center of Seirai Island and Musojin Gorge.

Most of the areas affected by Balethunder can be cleared by completing certain local tasks, which may give players a sense of achievement. However, these are lengthy quests, and they can alienate more casual Genshin Impact players in the community. Moreover, HP depletion areas are robbing one of the things that made Genshin Impact so enjoyable: cold and relaxed exploration.

Sumer manages to solve these problems, as most of the locations in the new region are easy to explore. And although the Genshin Impact 3.0 update introduced wilting zones — certain areas that constantly have a negative effect on players — it’s much easier to get rid of them. Any player with a decent command staff can clear the Withering Zone in a matter of minutes. It also rewards them with a chest— not a bad deal.

In addition to implementing less tedious HP depletion zones, Sumeru also introduces new bypass mechanics. The most notable is the Four-sheet Print. Faced with one of them, the player can press the correct combination of buttons and rush to print. These icons are scattered all over the map, making it easier for players to access hard-to-reach places. There are also Tri-Lakshana creatures such as Bouncy Mushrooms and Dendro Saws that change when the Genshin Impact player applies Dendro, Electro or Hydro.

While it may take some time to get used to the new bypass mechanics and the reactions of the elements of the environment, this is definitely a breath of fresh air after the hostile climate of Inazuma. The Twilight landscape and interactive elements encourage players to explore the region, and this is an improvement. Although it is also important to note that the rainforest area is not Sumeru Genshin Impact completely.

The community is still waiting for the desert area of the region where the Qino of Genshin Impact seems to be based. It could be something like the Dragon Ridge in Mondstadt, where the player is exposed to a deterioration of status during exploration. While the Dragon Ridge caused Pure Cold, the desolate area of Sumeru could cause something related to a strong wind or a sandstorm. However, this is just a guess, and until then, players will have to wait for official HoYoverse announcements.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, and a version for Nintendo Switch is in development.


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