Genshin Impact Shows Aloy and Kujou Sara In Action In Gameplay Video


Genshin Impact: This Thursday (2) marks the debut of two new characters in the universe of Genshin Impact: Aloy, coming directly from Horizon, and Kujou Sara. If you’re curious to add them to your team, here’s a chance to see how each one behaves in combat.

The first video you check out is by Kujou Sara, and this one is totally focused on gameplay. In approximately five minutes we can see several of your abilities in action and how your element (Electro) can act in your favor throughout the fights, either with direct attacks or others capable of hitting opponents in the area.


The second is focused on Aloy and shows that the fighter coming directly from the game to the PlayStation family has prepared a lot to do well with the other warriors of the Genshin Impact universe. Her abilities involve use of Cryo element, which can freeze enemies and even unlock some bonuses to her attacks.


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