Genshin Impact: See An Entire Room Cheering For The Teacher In The Gacha


Genshin Impact: Gacha-style games like Genshin Impact turn their character drawing system into a great source of joy and frustration for their players at the same time. In a classroom in China, these emotions were shared by all students when a teacher was assigned to conduct this drawing.

Harry Huaye, content creator at Chinese social network BiliBili, asked his teacher to try the Genshin Impact character draw on November 13th. The goal was to get Hu Tao, as there were only ten days for the character to leave again.

Student asks his teacher to do pull for him from Genshin_Impact

The teacher not only accepts, but puts the game screen on the projector so the whole room can follow. The result is a well-loved video, in which an entire room of Genshin players cheers for a teacher who is clearly confused by what is going on.

For those unfamiliar, the drawing of characters and items in Genshin is called “requests”. When you activate the system, a shooting star animation is shown before what you’ve achieved is revealed.

The color of this star already shows the rarity of what’s coming, and that’s why the room goes crazy in one of the first draws, because the star turns golden. You can see that the teacher is confused at the time, but lets himself be carried away by the joke.

Unfortunately, the coveted Hu Tao did not come, but with such excitement, it seems that no one was upset.