Genshin Impact Reveals Teaser of Tignari Character

The HoYoverse developer has confirmed that the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.0 update will feature three new characters, two of whom will be able to control the new Dendro element. Only one of these characters will have a higher five-star rarity, which means there will be additional banner replays in the update.
Genshin Impact’s official YouTube channel has finally revealed a character teaser for new user Luka Tighnari. He is a young researcher, well versed in botany, and serves as a forest observer in the Avidya Forest.
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Tignari’s name is apparently based on the name of a popular Arab scholar named Al-Tignari, and previous Sumeru teasers have confirmed that the new region is based on Southwest Asia. Tignari has one of the most unusual character designs in the game, he can be recognized by his long tail and big ears. It is confirmed that he will be the first five-star Dendro character in the game, who will introduce the Traveler to a new major region. According to the recent live broadcast of Geshin Impact version 3.0, Tignari is likely to be a new Genshin Impact DPS character with the unique mechanics of his charged attack, which will have two levels.
His Level 2 charged attack will create an effect called Clusterbloom Arrows, which will track nearby opponents when hit. His elemental skill is called Vijnana-Phala Mina, which creates a field that taunts enemies and increases the speed of his charged attack. When it comes to the levels of the Tignari constellation, players should probably try to bring it up to C2, as this gives a significant damage buff to the Dendro.
Tignari’s spontaneous explosion, the Trunk of the Tangled Fasciner Vine, launches a variety of Tangled vine Trunks that track opponents dealing damage to the Dendro in the process. According to recent leaks from the beta, the damage inflicted by Tignari will be scaled using Elemental Mastery, which may become one of the most important characteristics in the coming months, as many new elemental reactions depend on this characteristic. Despite the fact that he is a brand new Genshin Impact character, most of the community claims that they will most likely miss his banner.
This is due to the announcement by HoYoverse that Tignari will join the standard banner after the end of Genshin Impact version 3.0. The live broadcast confirmed that Tignari will appear together with Geo Archon Zhongli on the first banner of the next update. Recent leaks have confirmed that they will be joined by three four-star characters: Colley, Dione and Fischl.
Genshin Impact is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently under development.


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