Genshin Impact Reveals Improvements in Alternative Sprint for Version 3.0


Every major update in Genshin Impact brings a ton of content, including new characters, events, and regions. The HoYoverse developer has officially confirmed that the upcoming version 3.0 will feature the mysterious Sumeru region along with the long-awaited Dendro element.

In addition to adjustments to the combat system, which will include new reactions of elements, the game will also make some important changes to the ability of some characters to move. Each Genshin Impact character has the ability to sprint, which is crucial when exploring the world of Teiwat. When you click on the sprint, most of the characters just run faster, some of them have a more unique alternative sprint animation.

Ever since the game came out in September 2020, players have complained that while alternative sprints are usually faster, using them can cause a lot of frustration as character models can hang for no real reason. Players have complained that they avoid using the Ayaka or Mona sprint because the smallest obstacles, such as a couple of fallen branches, can prevent them from moving forward. A recent HoYoverse article on the HoYoLAB forum revealed that the upcoming version of Genshin Impact 3.0 will improve special moves for the following characters:

Alternative Sprint Ayaki – Kamisato Art: Elemental Skill Senho Sayu – Yahoo Art: Fuuin Dash Alternative Sprint Mona – Illusory Flow Elemental skill Yelana – Prolonged lifeline Spontaneous Explosion Fishla – Midnight phantasmagoria Elemental skill Yae Miko – Yakan Incarnation: Sesshou Sakura

Numerous responses in the comments section claim that they appreciate HoYoverse for listening to their community and implementing these much needed changes in the upcoming update. These changes will affect Ayaka and Mona the most, given that they affect their normal movement around the world. Another big problem that will be solved in the upcoming update is the size of the Genshin Impact file, which gets bigger with each new update.

Recent leaks have revealed that the game will apparently remove some of its old unusable content, which will reduce the size of the game’s file. One way players can reduce the size of the Genshin Impact file is to delete the game and re—contact it whenever a new update arrives. At the moment, when updating to a new patch, the files of the previous restricted content are not deleted.

Players can also remove some language packs that they don’t use in the game, as voice packs take up most of the game’s file size. In addition to adding a new item, the new update will also affect some existing ones. The same article confirms that the resonances of electro- and hydroelectric elements will receive significant buffs that can turn the meta in their favor.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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