Genshin Impact: resin storage limit will increase


Developer miHoYo has announced that the next Genshin Impact update, scheduled to go live on November 11th, will increase the amount of players’ Original Resin from 120 to 160. That way, you can play longer during the day as well how to get rewards from bosses and dungeons without having to pay out or interrupt gambling.

The stamina feature, which relies on the use of Original Resins to be loaded, has been the target of criticism from several players, especially because Genshin Impact is a massive RPG with a lot to explore and a huge universe to know. Thus, the functional limitation of the gacha, which prevents players from continuing to have fun until the resins are restored, ended up bothering part of the community.

It was then that after months of negative feedbacks, which began during the testing phases and Beta period of Genshin Impact, and occurred until the last October 10th of this year, the Chinese studio decided to give the community a hot water bath. deliver improvements in its mechanics, promising an update that will bring several improvements and a new event.

With just under a month of launch, miHoYo has already announced several updates planned to arrive in 2020, bringing bosses, areas, improvements and corrections. Now, with the increase in stamina so that players can enjoy the game even more, everything indicates that the developer is really working side by side with the public.

Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices, scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch.

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