Genshin Impact Releases Tighnari Gameplay Trailer


Version 3.0 is less than 24 hours away, and Genshin Impact is preparing for one of the biggest content updates. The new version will feature the fourth major region of the game in the land of the tropical forests of Sumeru, and will also feature the last element of the game, the Dendro. Version 3.0 of the popular role-playing game HoYoVerse will also bring with it a trio of new characters, and the newest five-star character, Tignari, will be the first Dendro game character. Now HoYoVerse has demonstrated Tignari’s gameplay just a few hours before its release.

The newest trailer of Genshin Impact “Character Demo” titled “Tighnari: Plant Patrol” introduces fans to the leader of the forest rangers Sumeru, demonstrating both his inquisitive personality and his gameplay. Tignari’s elemental skill shows him throwing a ball he carries with him, dealing AoE damage to Dendro enemies and taunting them. The trailer also shows Tignari’s Elemental Burst, shooting a rain of dendro arrows that not only deal damage to enemies, but can also track their location.

The combat-focused segments of the Tignari game trailer also tease a few new enemies that Genshin players will find at Dusk. Version 3.0 will introduce several elementary variants of enemies-floating hydrogribs, first introduced in The Chasm. The trailer also shows a larger version of the already existing Hydro Fungi enemies with Grounded Hydroroom during the Tighnari Elemental Burst demo. The newest Genshin Impact update should also introduce two new world bosses to the game with the introduction of Electro Regisvine and Jadeplume Terrorshroom.

Tighnari looks like a notable release for the Genshin Impact list not only because of its gameplay. As mentioned earlier, Tignari and Collie, released together with him, will be the first playable characters from the seventh element of Genshin Impact, Dendro. Version 3.0 will introduce a set of new elementary reactions for Dendro with Hydro, Electro and Pyro. It has also been confirmed that Tignari will join the standard Genshin Impact banner after completing his banner, making him the first five-star character added to the game’s permanent rotation since its launch.

With the release of the newest region, Genshin Impact has a lot of interesting things for fans of a large-scale role-playing game, both now and in the future. Ahead of the release of version 3.0, Genshin Impact recently unveiled a screensaver for its next set of characters to join the game in version 3.1. Leaks have also teased future content planned for Genshin Impact in upcoming updates, including a permanent TCG mini-game, as well as the return of the fan-favorite character Scaramouche. Genshin Impact will strive to maintain its strong momentum as the game approaches its second anniversary.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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