Genshin Impact presents SplashArts for Cino, Neela and Candice


A new major update of Genshin Impact is scheduled for August 24, which means that the appearance of the mysterious Twilight region is just around the corner. The new update will feature three new characters: Tignari, Collie and Dori, as well as the long-awaited Dendro element.

Despite the fact that three characters have not yet arrived, Genshin Impact has already introduced a couple of new characters that should appear in update 3.1. The official Twitter account of the game finally showed the screensaver of three characters: Tsino, Nilou and Candice.

Despite the fact that there is no official information about their rarity, it is expected that Qino and Nilou will be five-star characters, and Candice will have a lower rarity. The design of all the characters seems to be based on the traditional clothing of the Middle East and Ancient Egypt, which led many players to believe that the 3.1 Genshin Impact update could introduce desert parts to Twilight. Of the three characters, Tsino is the most popular, given that he has been mentioned in numerous leaks since the game was released in September 2020.

His headdress resembles the head of Anubis, who served as the god of the underworld in ancient Egypt. Previous Genshin Impact leaks have shown that Qino’s elemental skill will allow him to rush forward, dealing Electro damage. The fact that the skill has a very short cooldown has led many players to believe that Qino will become a new DPS character. According to one of the tweets, the new character of Hydro will be the star of the famous theater Zubair Nilou.

Despite the fact that her weapon is not shown on the screensaver, numerous gameplay leaks have confirmed that Nilou will be a new character with a sword. Her elemental skill allows her to deliver four sword strikes, dealing Hydro damage. Unlike Cyno, her recovery time seems to be quite long, which means she will probably become a new support character or a supporting character in Genshin Impact. Several leaks also hint that players can turn her into the main damage-doer, but for this they need to unlock all her constellations.

It is confirmed that the third character, Candice, is a Hydro polearm character, and many responses in the comments section claim that she is clearly based on the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. According to previous leaks, Candice will have the ability to create shields, which means she will probably become a new support or healer. It is expected that all three characters will appear in Genshin Impact version 3.1, which is scheduled for September 28.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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