Genshin Impact: Please Play Safe, Achievement Guide


Genshin Impact has many achievements, some of which can be obtained easily, while others require a number of complex steps. To get the “Please Play Safe” achievement, players need to play 12 mini-games with different aranars scattered throughout the Land of Wisdom, Sumeru.

To get the achievement “Wonders of the World”, it is necessary to complete the world task “Aranyaka, part II”. In addition to the usual Primogems reward for the “Please Play Safe” achievement, travelers will also receive the usual Genshin Impact chests for each completed game.

Where to find all Aranara in Genshin Impact

In total, you need to find 12 aranars to get the achievement “Please play safely” in Genshin Impact.

Aranara #1

Go to the teleport waypoint in the Mautima Forest and slide east to one of the tall plants to find Aradanish. To win the Aranara game, players need to find a small wooden box. Just turn to the east and interact with the box.

Aranara No. 2

Go to the teleport waypoint on Gandha Hill and continue heading northeast until Arapratap appears. This game is completely dedicated to memory, as Aranara will show several boxes of all sizes and then ask about them. After the timer runs out, select “Two” to win.

Aranara #3

Now go to the Statue of Seven to the west of the Yazadakh Pond, go northeast past the Withering Blow of Genshin to Arapratap and start the game. Aranara will show several colored ghosts, and players need to remember how many Dendros there are. Three is the correct answer.

Aranara #4

Go to the teleport waypoint southwest of the Yazadakh Pond and slide down to the southeast to Aragita. As in the previous game, several colored ghosts will appear. But to win this, remember where the Dendro Spectra are, and destroy the boxes that are in their place when the timer runs out.

Aranara No. 5

Head to the Genshin Impact teleport waypoint west of the Seven Vanaran statue at the top of the mountain and fly southeast to a lower hill, then talk to Arachanda to start the game. The rule is to break all the jars from the highest to the lowest.

Aranara #6

Go to the Statue of Seven to the east of the Yasana Monument and go west to talk to Arapratap. To win, Travelers need to remember how many purple dangerous melons will appear. The answer is three.

Aranara #7

Go to the same Statue of Seven and this time go south-east to the edge of the Apam Forest, and Aradanish will be there. Random things will appear, and Aranara will ask for a bunch of stones. Turn to the east and interact with them to complete the game.

Aranara #8

Quickly get to the ruins of the Dari teleport and slide down to the northeast to the lonely junction where Arachanda is waiting. To win the game, first destroy all the piles of stones, and then the wooden boxes.

Aranara #9

Then head to the Dark Valley area in Genshin Impact, then head east and climb the hill to meet Arachanda. The key to winning this game is to activate the dangerous Dendro melons and then Pyro melons.

Aranara No. 10

From the same place, continue to go east until the Travelers find Aragita in the boat. To win this game, it is very important to remember the location of the pile of leaves, and then hit the box that appears in their place.

Aranara No. 11

Head to the waypoint northeast of Port Ormos at the top of the mountain and slide down west to the Aradanish location. Aranara can be found in the field of white flowers in Genshin Impact. Winning the game requires interacting with a haystack in the east.

Aranara No. 12

Finally, head to a waypoint northwest of Port Ormos and fly southwest to find Aragita on a large rock. In this game, several Genshin Impact paintings will appear on the ground, and players must remember which ones have the most strokes. When the boxes appear, destroy the three hiding the correct pictures.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.


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