Genshin Impact Player Points Out a Problem With Elan Cubes


One of the greatest advantages of Genshin Impact is a diverse and unique list of anime-inspired characters. This is not surprising, given that the characters are the main source of income for this gacha game.

The current Genshin Impact 2.7 update has finally introduced the long-awaited five-star Hydro user, Yelan. However, a recent post in the game’s subreddit revealed an interesting detail about Yelan’s design.

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The new character Elan runs the popular Yungsheng Tea House, which is actually an underground casino, which gives her a reputation as a highly skilled gambler. This fact is also probably the reason for all the cubes in her design. Reddit user akaDennis shared two interesting images comparing two cubes of Yelan, one on her neck and the one displayed on her Elemental Burst icon. The Redditor notes that her bones on the necklaces seem inaccurate when it comes to the position of the numbers. The standard D6 cube is designed in such a way that the numbers of opposite sides add up to 7, which means that the side in the left corner of the lover should actually have three dots, as in the case of its explosion icon.

Elan’s bones aren’t accurate, but her explosion icon is from Genshin_Impact

The community of the game seems to be very interested in solving this riddle of Genshin Impact, since the post has collected almost 5 thousand votes. While some fans claim that the developer of HoYoverse made a mistake in the design of her necklace, others believe that it was done intentionally, since the dice on her neck are actually a rotating version that is commonly used in various board games and usually has more than 6 sides. .

Players who want to add Elan to their game list should try to make a wish on her banner as soon as possible, given that the limited banner, the Riddle Discriminator, expires on June 21. At the time of her unveiling a couple of weeks ago, she was considered to be a five-star version of the popular four-star Xingqui support due to the similarity of their kits. However, since then she has proven to be one of the best Genshin Impact characters with a unique set of abilities.

Elan actually managed to break the record of the most attractive Genshin Impact character on the first day of her release. While this is certainly an impressive achievement, it should be noted that players had extra time to save more Primogems for their banner due to the recent three-week delay of version 2.7. The second part of the update will introduce the popular character Inazuma, Geo Claymore user, Arataki Itto.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.