Genshin Impact player built a house in a modern style in a Serenitea pot


Many versions ago, Genshin Impact received an important feature that allows players to create a home outside the world of Teiwat. One Genshin Impact player has now decided to create his own house with some creative twists.

Genshin Impact is an extensive role—playing game with an open world and a unique house building feature — Serenitea Pot. After completing a significant part of the Liue story arc, a local task called “The Kettle that Calls Home” can be obtained by Madame Ping. By completing a quest line, players receive a Serenitea Pot and enter a completely different realm. The teapot provides the player with a huge plot of land on which he can build a house, grow crops, talk to friends and relax after exploring the vast world of Teivat.

Reddit user u/HEB_AQW has built a modern-style house in Serenitea Pot, bypassing some of the miHoYo restrictions imposed on residential construction. For example, the user used a lot of stone benches leading to the second floor of the house. On the second floor you will find a lot of decorated rooms created in an attempt to reproduce the layout of a two-storey house, which can be seen in the real housing market. On the second floor there is also a very detailed painting of Paymon from the Dragonscape update.

The techniques used to create such a house include cropping, which involves shaking the object very quickly until the border shade turns blue. The blue shade means that the object can be placed as the Genshin Impact user wishes, and the cropping method allows you to reproduce objects almost anywhere in the house. Ultimately, clipping allows players to remove restrictions on the placement of objects and create a house with limitless potential.

Similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Serenitea Pot is a great feature for Genshin Impact players exploring their creative side. Many other Reddit users applaud u/HEB_AQW for creating a home that is not normally allowed in Genshin Impact due to placement restrictions. The post on Reddit received 8,200 votes with an impressive 98%. More than 110 comments have been posted with overwhelming support for the user and the new home.

Creating this house in a modern style may attract the attention of developers, which may lead to a correction of the pruning method in a future update. However, a similar method should remain in order to provide more creativity and enjoyment inside the Serenitea pot. Genshin Impact is highly appreciated by many and continues to achieve success with each new version. The appearance of Elan in Genshin Impact version 2.7 is just one example of content that causes a lot of excitement in the community.

Genshin Impact is now available for mobile devices, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The Switch version is in development, the release date has not been confirmed.