Genshin Impact Patch 1.1 – New Characters, Region


We tell you all the news and updates that come to Genshin Impact with patch 1.1, available soon on PC, PS4, iOS and Android.

Just a few days ago Genshin Impact went on sale. On September 28, it landed on PC, PS4 and iOS and Android mobile devices for free and since then thousands of players have entered the magical world of Teyvat. At miHoYo they know the great potential of the game, so they have rushed to prepare their first major update in order to add new characters, a new region to discover and other novelties. Here’s everything we know for now, but we already anticipated that it will mean a significant expansion of the current state of the game to ensure that no one is left without content or activities.

Four new characters leaked

To begin with, one of the most interesting details of all the information that has been leaked is the fact that four new characters will be added to the already large roster that Genshin Impact presents. We leave them detailed here along with a small description of their abilities and characteristics:

  • Child – A 5 star Agua user who, when we meet him in history, wields a pair of daggers and a bow. Even so, in the leaked art he carries a spear, so it is unclear what his final weaponry will be.
  • Dionna: a 5-star Ice user who remains a mystery because we have not yet been able to meet her in the game’s history. Of course, if we are attentive and observe the pamphlets that can be found in the city of Mondstadt we can see her named after a waitress from a place called “The Cats Tail.
  • Xinyan – A 4-star Pyro / Fire user who is mentioned within the game as a rocker from the Liyue region. In the filtered art she carries a guitar, but we do not know if it will be the weapon she uses or if it will only be an aesthetic complement.
  • Zhongli: a 5-star user from “Earth who wields a spear. We meet him upon reaching Rank 29 Adventure and progressing through the main story, but he wasn’t available as a playable character until the next update, apparently.
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On the other hand, beyond technical and performance adjustments, it is also expected that the main story will be expanded to adventure rank 30, that new events, rewards and even a new region of the world with a great city called Inazuma will arrive. In the absence of knowing for sure if all this is confirmed from myHoYo, we can now start rubbing our hands about all the new content that we can enjoy in Genshin Impact.


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