Genshin Impact: Paimon Dressed As A Frog Becomes Fashionable in Japanese Fan Art


Genshin Impact: We’ve been talking a lot about Genshin Impact here on Voxel — after all, since Chinese developer miHoYo’s open-world RPG was released in September 2020, millions of fans have been won. One of the reasons for this, besides the game itself, is the friendly mascot Paimon.

Maybe you don’t know it, but she has a Twitter account, in Japanese. That’s where our story comes from: Paimon’s profile publishes fan arts of the mascot. Until, in mid-June, drawings of the character dressed as a frog began to appear.

The first one was this one, from the 15th. Afterwards, several others started to appear in profiles of artists also from Japan. Genshin Impact fans in the Land of the Rising Sun seem to love seeing Paimon in a frog outfit.

But why frogs?

We don’t understand a word of Japanese here (what we learned in anime and manga or in the song of “É o Tchan” doesn’t help, at this time…), so let’s believe the explanation of the Dual Shockers guys, who came in English even.

It turns out that the months of June and July comprise the rainy season in Japan. At this time, it is common for game and anime producers to publish images of their characters within this rainy weather theme. Frog clothes, in particular, are quite popular (frogs live in damp places, that’s all).

For those who know more about Japanese culture, this explanation might be “rain in the wet”, but many Genshin Impact fans in other parts of the world might not understand where Paimon’s fan art dressed as a frog came from.

Puns aside, it all started in that character’s official Twitter account, which we mentioned above. Below, we show some more arts.

There are arts with thousands of likes out there, so we can say that the business is really successful. If you also like fan art and want to see more, you can follow the official Paimon account in Japanese, @paimon_genshin7, which retweets some art.

In addition, you can follow the hashtag with genshin in Japanese (#??), since fans from this country are the ones who most often post this type of design. And you: did you like the fan art of Paimon dressed as a frog? To stay on top of all the news about Genshin Impact, keep checking Voxel.


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