Genshin Impact NPC randomly appears to cheer up the player during the fight


Battles with the guardians of the ruins in Genshin Impact can be difficult due to the enemies’ health reserve, but NPCs can appear and motivate the player in Mondstadt. Almost two years after the launch of Genshin Impact, players continue to find oddities and mysteries in the Mondstadt region.

Reddit user u/EricTheBoi discovered that Harry, the knight of the Favonia from Mondstadt, can cheer the player if the battle takes place in close proximity to the character. The user demonstrates his discovery in a game video when he fights and lures the Guardian of the Ruins to Harry. Harry will applaud and cheer the player instead of responding with his usual dialogue. In most cases, Genshin Impact players cannot interact or talk to NPCs during battle.

In the game video, u/EricTheBoi uses Genshin Impact characters Mona, Diluka, Jin and Lisa to lure the Guardian of the Ruins. The Guardian of the Ruins appeared thanks to the reward, in which players fight enemies within the allotted time to earn a reputation in the region. The reward area is shown on the Genshin Impact minimap, and players must travel to the highlighted area to engage the enemies indicated in the reward. In the case of this user, the reward area is located in close proximity to Harry’s main location in Mondstadt.

Harry can be found at Cape Petrels in the northeastern part of Mondstadt. The character usually walks along the main trail along the Petrel Hills, so it’s easy to find him once the player gets to that place. Also, its exact location is close to the Stormbearer Point teleportation point. Harry is the only Favonius Knight NPC who travels to the Petrel region, and it is assumed that Outrider Amber of the Favonius Knights has been in the area in the past.

Although Mondstadt has not received any new content in Genshin Impact for some time, players seem to learn more about this region when they visit it again. Harry is relatively unimportant in the main story and lore of Genshin Impact in Mondstadt, but the attention to detail given to NPCs is noteworthy. The developer of HoYoverse seems to appreciate the thriving world of Teiwat, ensuring that NPCs can have their own unique qualities.

The newest region in Genshin Impact, Sumeru, may also contain some unsolved secrets hidden in plain sight. Sumeru will expand its desert areas in future Genshin Impact updates, which means that in the coming months, players will explore uncharted territories again.

Genshin Impact is now available for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A version for the Nintendo Switch is in development, the release date has not been confirmed.


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