Genshin Impact may receive items for rise soon


Genshin Impact goes through several update processes from time to time, and will soon receive news through update 1.4. The main one, according to reports that appeared on the network, is the possibility of items for the rise of artifacts.

According to the information that is running on the network, players would have access to the following items to change the artifacts from stages 1 to 4, respectively: Sanctifying Droplet, Sanctifying Water, Santifying Spring and Sanctifying Essence. However, levels 2 and 3 apparently will start offering experience for the artifacts (2,500 XP and 10,000 XP, respectively), offering more resources for this mechanic.

It is worth mentioning that, so far, producer MiHoYo has not yet officially commented on the matter – however, this should happen soon, given that the 1.4 update is about to be released.

Genshin Impact is available in versions for Android, iOS, PC and PlayStation 4.


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