Genshin Impact: Location of all blocks of lost energy at Dusk (in the name of achieving Anfortas)


A block of lost energy is an item that can be found in various Genshin Impact locations. All of them are located on Mount Devantaka, where the giant Guardian of the Ruins lives. If players follow Viman Agam’s quest line, they will end up inside a giant robot trying to launch it using a backup power source. To do this, people need to perform a bunch of tasks, for example, connect all four relays in the middle.

Considering the ruins, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of damaged Ruin Guards scattered around. After fulfilling a small condition, people will have the opportunity to download these robots, and in return, travelers will receive a code for further knowledge analysis. To get all the secret codes, players must first find all the Lost Energy Block locations in Genshin Impact.

Location of all energy blocks in Genshin Impact Sumeru

In Genshin Impact Sumeru, there are 15 locations of blocks of lost energy, as well as five damaged guardians of ruins. All these places exist in the area of Mount Devantaka. Each Ruin Guard location will have a place to explore one block of lost energy, so players need to find 10 more places.

On the attached map, players can recognize different labels:

Mask and Hilichurla star (green circle) = 10 locations of the lost energy block. The star sign indicates that the place is underground. Exclamation mark (blue circle) = Five damaged Ruin Guardians and five locations of the Lost Energy Block. Meat (pink circle) = five non-hostile locations of ruins scouts.

To fully solve this puzzle, players need to complete the following steps:

Visit all Hilichurl Mask and Star brands. Find a non-hostile ruin scout at the “Meat” mark. They are always hidden behind a stone that can be destroyed with Genshin Impact Dendrograna. A non-hostile Ruin Scout will lead players to the damaged Ruin Guardians at the exclamation mark. After following the Ruins Scout and defeating the enemies, a chest with a Genshin strike will appear, and players will be able to load the damaged Ruins Guardian. Loading all five damaged guardians of the ruins will give the achievement “In the name of Anfortas”.

The first underground block of lost energy can be found right at the entrance to the cave near the teleport waypoint.

This block of lost energy can be reached only after people lower the water level in Genshin Impact.

Meanwhile, the farthest Block of Lost Energy is deep underground. To reach this area, players must complete chapter 5 of the Aranyaka quest (Vimana Agama) in Genshin Impact.

The damaged Guardian of Ruins will give several codes after loading:

Records: Code “Fehu”: “.2-.1.-1..1-2.1-1.2-.2.-” Recordings: Code “Uruz”: “.1-..1.-.-.1- .2-.2-1.1-2- .-.3-…” Records: Code “Thurisaz”: “-..1-..1.-.3-…1-1.2-3-2 -2.-..” Recordings: Code “Ansuz”: “1-1.2-….-..1.-2-….- .2-.1..-1.-” Records: Code “Raido”: “1..1-….-..1.-2.-“.

According to the Genshin Impact Wiki, these codes eventually translate as “We Schwanenritters fought to the last.”

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.


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