Genshin Impact list of free codes and rewards


We offer you a list of various codes to get various free rewards in Genshin Impact, now available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android.

The world of Genshin Impact is wide and varied, something that gives rise to many explanations of each of its sections. That is why we offer you this complete guide in which you will find tricks such as reroll to get a Top Tier character or the method to get protogems and primogems for free. This time we present a list of download codes that you can use to obtain various in-game rewards such as primogems or other interesting items .

List of free codes and rewards in Genshin Impact

  • GenshinMHY0M: exchange for 30 protogems (America)
  • GenshinMHY0O : exchange for 30 protogems (Europe)
  • GenshinMHY0I : exchange for 30 protogems (Asia)

How to redeem download codes on Genshin Impact?

In order to be able to exchange the previous codes (or, rather, the one that belongs to the server in our territory) we have to go to the official Genshin Impact website through this link . Once there we must register (if not or we have already done), select the server from which we play, enter our nickname and, finally, the download code. Of course, there are a series of parameters that we must take into account and of which they inform us on the website itself:

The above-mentioned codes will only work on PC and iOS and Android mobile devices , as PS4 players cannot link a miHoYo account as it is already linked to the PlayStation Network.

We must reach Adventure Rank 10 before we can redeem codes on our account.

Each redeem code can only be used once . The same character cannot use codes of the same type more than once.

The articles will be sent via mail within the game itself once we redeem a code successfully.