Genshin Impact: Lisa Ascension and Talent List


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Lisa, also known as the Witch of the Purple Rose, is a loose character in Genshin Impact, originally from Mondstadt. She serves as the librarian of the Knights of Favonius, but is also a researcher, an Electric Vision holder, and a powerful fighter.

Although she is a little stronger in the game’s laura than in the real gameplay, when used correctly, Lisa can be a powerful top-level character. For those who want to climb her, raise her level and improve her talents, the following items and Mora will be required.

Leveling materials

Each character in Genshin Impact requires more than 8 million experience to reach level 90, which is the maximum.

Upon reaching the ascension level, any additional experience is wasted. Thus, it is best to use EXP books in an efficient way. Here’s one decent combination that has little waste:

Subject Total Wanderer’s Advice 12 Adventurer’s Experience 11 Hero’s Wit 415

Lisa’s Ascension Items

Lisa, as an Electro character, will need Vajrad’s amethyst. She will also need drops of mucus and much more.

Precious Stones – Where to find Vajrad Amethyst

All the elemental stones can be bought in souvenir shops, created in a Parametric Converter, earned in the Adventurers Guild or received for defeating bosses.

Enemy Drop – where to find mucus condensate, mucus secretions, mucus concentrate

Slugs can be found almost everywhere a Traveler visits Teiwat. Therefore, it is not so difficult to find drops of mucus. However, it’s worth noting that higher-level enemies can drop higher-level items. Here is the breakdown:

Slime of any level: Condensation of slime Slime of level 40 and above: Mucus secretions Mucus level 60 and above: Mucus concentrate

Boss Drop – How to get a Lightning Prism

A unique drop from Lisa’s boss for ascension is the Lightning Prism. They can be obtained by paying Original Resin after defeating Electro Hypostasis. This boss is located at the Cape of the Oath in Mondstadt. Pay attention to the fact that he is immune to Electro damage, so Lisa will not be the best attacker.

Local delicacy – where to find valberry

Lisa is one of the few characters who use Valberry in their ascent; the others are Noel and Rosaria. All three of these ladies will need to go to the northern part of Mondstadt, where these regional delicacies can be found in the Stormbringer Mountains. They grow on small bushes hidden around the plot.

Those who have problems finding Valberries should not worry — they can also be grown in a Serenitea pot or bought from Chloris. She sells five of them for 1,000 Mora each, restocking every three days. She can be found running along the path in the area of the Rising Wind.

Lisa Talent Materials

Lisa will need a lot more drops of slime when updating her talents, as well as several books about talents, materials for strikes and much more.