Genshin Impact Leaks Reveal More Details about Cynotis


Major Genshin Impact updates usually add several new characters to the game list. Although version 3.0 has not even been released yet, the developer of HoYoverse has already revealed the names of three new characters that should appear in Update 3.1.

After being mentioned in numerous leaks over the past couple of months, Genshin Impact’s social media accounts have confirmed the appearance of a new Electro character named Tsino. And now recent leaks have revealed more information about the character.

One of the recent Sumeru teasers confirmed that Cyno is a new character with a shaft weapon and Electro Vision. One of Genshin Impact’s most reputable insiders, Ubatcha1, described Cyno as a five-star version of the popular Electro Razor user who excels at being the main damage-causing member of the team. In the early stages of the game, Razor was considered one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact along with Diluk, despite the fact that he was less rare. Previous leaks have shown that his elemental skill allows him to rush forward, dealing Electro damage, similar to the Lemniscatic Cycle of the Xiao Wind.

Qino’s spontaneous explosion will fill his halberd with electric damage and change the effects of his elemental skill and normal attack. His damage potential will apparently scale with the Elemental Skill that seems to be very common in new characters from Twilight. When it comes to choosing Qino’s artifacts, leaks hint that he may use Thunder Rage unless a new set specifically designed for his DPS needs is introduced in the game.

Another popular leader, hxg_diluc, said that in order to maximize his potential, Tsino should be placed in a team with characters Fischl, Zhongli or Dendro. Fans suggest that he can be very gentle, like Xiao, who needs a healer or a strong shield, like Zhongli. Dendro characters will allow Cino to trigger two new elemental reactions, called Quicken and Aggravate. Deterioration can be considered as a side reaction to Acceleration, since it can be caused by inflicting additional electrical damage to a character affected by Acceleration.

Aggravation increases the potential damage of the Electro character, and it scales with the Mastery of the elements, so the Cino may be ideal for command structures that rely on this spontaneous reaction. Fischl’s main job in this team was probably to serve as a battery for other party members. Despite the fact that both sources of information are trustworthy, the information should still be taken with a grain of salt, since HoYoverse can still make additional changes to the characters before Genshin Impact Version 3.1 is released on September 28.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, and a version for Nintendo Switch is in development.


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