Genshin Impact Leaks Reveal Interesting Details about the Upcoming Card Game Mode


A new set of Genshin Impact leaks reveals more information about the upcoming card game mode, which should appear in the future. Over the past couple of weeks, trustworthy sources have hinted at a new game mode that should appear in updates 3.2 or 3.3.

Players seem to be generally happy with the new game mode, claiming that it solves one of Genshin Impact’s biggest problems — the lack of constant content. According to most of the community, the only noticeable element of endgame content is the famous Spiral Abyss, which may become unnecessary after some time.

The popular leader of Genshin Impact named Ubatcha1 revealed additional details about the new TCG mode. According to an insider, the game begins with both sides choosing three characters, one of which will be an active character, and then drawing five more cards. Each round they will roll eight elemental dice before taking turns to act and finish their turn. Each cube represents one element with one additional cube, called the “Omni element”, which can be considered as any of the seven elements of Genshin Impact. The round ends as soon as both sides have finished and they are allowed to draw two cards.

The insider explained that the current selection of an active character does not include all units from the game list, however, additional additions may be made in the future before the game mode officially joins the live servers. Players can face a variety of opponents, among which will be familiar faces, such as Fishle or the upcoming Genshin Impact character Tsino, who will apparently have two sets of difficulty.

Previous Genshin Impact leaks have revealed that players will have the opportunity to challenge each other in this new game mode, which will also include a couple of weekly rewards. To win a game in this new card game, players need to defeat all the cards of the opponent’s characters.

The leak reported that players can perform the following actions: use the skills of their characters, switch the active character, play a card from the hand, discard a card from the hand to change the element type of one of the elemental dice, and finish their turn. Adding such a niche game mode is certainly a step in the right direction in solving one of Genshin Impact’s biggest problems — the constant content drought.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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