Genshin Impact Leaks Reveal Enhanced Hydro- and Electrical Resonance


The Genshin Impact combat system is based on triggering various spontaneous reactions and allows players to have up to four different characters in one team. Having two characters with the same element will cause an effect called Elemental Resonance.

There are currently seven different types of Elemental Resonance, and HoYoverse is going to introduce another one in the form of a new Dendro element. This addition will have a significant impact on all other elements in Genshin Impact.

The new Genshin Impact leak reveals more information about upcoming changes for the two Elemental Resonances. Two of the most authoritative sources of information about Genshin Impact, Ubatcha1 and Genshin Intel, have revealed modified effects for two new resonances, including a new one for the upcoming Dendro:

Hydroresonance – players are affected by Pyro for 40% less time, and the effect increases max. HP at 25% Electro Resonance – Hydro affects 40% less time. Superconductivity, Overload, Electric Charge, Acceleration, Intensification or Hypercolor generate an elementary particle with 100% probability. This effect has a 5-second cooldown time Dendro-resonance — increases the skill of the elements of the characters by 50. Activation of gorenje, catalysis or blooming will give an additional buff “Master of the elements” for 30 to 6 seconds. Triggering Aggravate, Spread, Hyperbloom or Burgeon will increase the skill of the elements of the closest members of the group by 20.

Many responses claim that all of these changes will result in a huge boost for Hydro users, who will most likely dominate the upcoming meta of characters in Genshin Impact. The increase in HP will especially benefit the recently released five-star character Elan, since most of her set depends on HP. Another reason why the Hydro will become one of the best elements in the game is that in combination with the Dendro, it launches Bloom.

The Dendro resonance effect makes sense, as HoYoverse has already confirmed that the new element will scale with Elemental Mastery. According to recent leaks, Dendro is likely to be a very useful element, as it can cause many different reactions of elements. It seems that Dendro characters will become mandatory for almost every team.

The developer of HoYoverse has already confirmed the appearance of three new characters: Tignari, Collie and Dori. Some players suspect that the new four-star character, Collie, may actually be stronger than the five-star DPS Tignari due to her ability to constantly use Dendro. The new Electro-resonance probably won’t have a significant impact on the current state of the Electro-characters.

Genshin Impact is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently under development.


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