Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Yoimiya Weapon Banner


Genshin Impact updates are almost always divided into two parts, each of which includes a different set of limited items. Limited items can be obtained by wishing on a certain banner.

There are two weapon banners in each update, which include two five-star and five four-star items. In the 2.8 update of the first Weapon Banner four, two strong five-star weapons were introduced: Freedom Swan and Lost Prayer. The new Genshin Impact leak apparently reveals two five-star weapons that should appear in the second part of the update.

A reliable Genshin Impact leader named hxg_diluc has revealed two five-star weapons that should appear in the second banner cycle. The live broadcast of Update 2.8 has already confirmed that the second part of the update will present the first re-launch for the popular fire bow user Yoimiya. According to hxg_diluc, the following five-star items will be displayed on the Yoimiya weapon banner: Thunder Pulse and the Tip of the Peak. Both of these weapons are great choices for DPS and sub-DPS characters.

Thundering Pulse is considered one of the best bows in Genshin Impact, if not the best. It’s great for every DPS bow character in the game because it includes critical damage as a secondary characteristic. The passive property of the weapon increases the owner’s attack by 20% and gives a special effect called “Thunder Emblem”. The effect consists of three stacks that increase the damage from a character’s normal attack by 12-40%, depending on the number of stacks. Many of the responses in the comments section claim that the Thunder Pulse is Eimii’s signature weapon, although it has a completely different design.

The second weapon, the Summit Sharper, is one of the oldest swords in the game, as it was introduced back in December 2020. It is considered an A-level sword that can be used by almost any character in the game. Passive weapons increase the strength of the shield by 20%, which makes it an excellent choice for the user of the Albedo Geo-Sword. The enemy’s attack also increases the character’s Attack by 4% for 8 seconds. This effect is limited to five stacks, and its power doubles if the character is protected by a shield.

Numerous responses in the comments section claim that despite the lack of information about the new four-star items, this will be one of the best gun banners in a long time. This may be a way to compensate HoYoverse for re-placing only one character banner in the second part of Genshin Impact Version 2.8.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.