Genshin Impact Leak Reveals More Information About Fontaine


The world of Genshin Impact is called Teiwat, and it consists of seven different major regions. At the moment, only three regions are available and explored: Mondstadt, Liue and Inazuma Islands.

Developer HoYoverse has confirmed that the upcoming version 3.0 will finally introduce a new nation to the game, the mysterious land of Twilight. Even though the region hasn’t arrived yet, recent leaks have revealed more details about another Genshin Impact nation named Fontaine.

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Adding a new major region to Genshin Impact is probably the most exciting thing in the gaming community. Despite the fact that the main focus of HoYoverse remains the gaming list, most of the community claims that adding a new explored area can be just as exciting, and they can’t wait for the arrival of all the regions of Teiwat. It is known that Fontaine is the home of the Hydroarchon, also known as the God of Justice, whose real name is still unknown. One of the most popular insiders of the game, GesnhinBLANK, reported that Sumeru is located north of the future Sumeru region and is connected to Liue.

This region seems to value justice above all else; however, it is also known for its dedication to technology and art. Every nation in Genshin Impact is based on a real place, and previous leaks have hinted that Fontaine’s nation is based on the country of France. According to numerous leaks, the action of the 4th act of Genshin Impact, apparently, will take place in Fontaine, which means that players will most likely have the opportunity to explore a new region in version 4.0, which is due to be released in 2023. Most of the information about Fontaine comes from his non-player characters, who are spread throughout Teiwat.

Two popular examples are a popular toy manufacturer named Bertrand and a businessman named Xavier. Both of these characters are from Fontaine, and they have their own local tasks in Genshin Impact. When it comes to playable characters from this region, the only confirmed ones are Lynette and Lini, who were featured in one of the Genshin Impact story trailers. These two seem to be brothers and sisters, and they can be recognized by their unique style of clothing, which made many players believe that they work in a circus.

Another playable character from Fontaine is likely to be the mysterious Hydro Archon who will protect Fontaine. There is not much information about this character, except that she is not one of the first Seven Archons of the Genshin Strike who appeared after the great Archon War.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently under development.


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