Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Map for New Sumeru Region

Genshin Impact introduced a scheme to add one major region per year, with the Inazuma Islands being added last. Over the past few months, the community has been thinking about a new nation that should appear in the next major update.
Developer HoYoverse has finally confirmed the appearance of the mysterious Sumeru region as part of the new Genshin Impact arch. The new region is home to the popular Archon Dendro, which means that the Dendro element will soon be available for play.
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A popular Genshin Impact leader named GI Font has revealed a map of Teiwat, including the new Sumeru region, which is expected to appear in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. The new region will be located southwest of the Abyss, which confirms previous leaks that the Abyss serves as a bridge between Liue and Sumeru. Sumeru has been described as a colorful region filled with deserts and rainforests, however a recently released teaser showed only a portion of the region’s rainforests. While the left side of the Twilight appears to be hidden, the sand-like color indicates that players will discover the deserts of the Twilight in later updates.
Players seem to be excited about the expansion of the big map, as there are rumors that Sumeru is likely to become the largest nation in all of Teiwat. He will also introduce a completely new element of the unique Genshin Impact combat system, which will have a significant impact on the current meta of characters. In the first update of Sumeru, three Dendro characters will appear, including a version of the Traveler Dendro.
Two new characters are Tignari and Collie, and they will most likely appear on the same banner. According to recent leaks, Colley is very similar to Amber, which means that it is she who can introduce the main character to a new region, as Amber did in Mondstadt. Even their kits seem similar, as they both have their own unique helpers that explode, causing spontaneous damage in the area.
Tighnari, apparently, will be the only new five-star player in the first update of Sumeru, which is due out at the end of August. It will apparently be a Dendro DPS unit with strong sub-DPS capabilities. Fans expect that the desert part of Twilight will appear in version 3.2, which, according to the usual HoYoverse update schedule, should be released around November 2022. Numerous responses in the comments section claim that the Traveler will most likely help Archon Dendro bring the desert Twilight back to life.
Genshin Impact is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently under development.