Genshin Impact: Leak Reveals Character Arrival Order


Genshin Impact will do a new stream talking about the next game’s news tomorrow, August 20th. But if you don’t want to wait any longer to find out when you can spend your in-game coins on new characters – or those who are making a comeback – we have a leak talking about just that.

According to the tweet above, from a known game leaker, the order in which we will see the game characters is:

Hu Tao

This puts the return of some well-loved and popular characters like Hu Tao and Albedo towards the end of the year in December. Of course this is a leak, not an official publication, so it’s good to remain skeptical. The tweet’s author himself points out that there are no guarantees that this order will be followed. Even if your information is currently correct, miHoYo may change the order.

Hu Tao’s information returning in December is corroborated by another source, which helps lend credibility to the leak. In the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor group, on Discord, a leak was published by a person saying he is “sure” that Hu Tao will have its banner in December. But the author, even shortly after having affirmed certainty, also says that this is not 100% guaranteed, because banners can be changed at any time.


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