Genshin Impact is the sensation in China


Genshin Impact and KFC cancel their collaboration in fast food establishments after crowds of fans gather at the doors in China.

Genshin Impact unleashes madness in China. MiHoYo and KFC decide to cancel their last collaboration after the numerous crowds that have occurred in the main establishments in the country. The health crisis in which we find ourselves halts promotion.

Genshin Impact and KFC, what was the event about?

KFC offered its customers the chance to earn various Genshin Impact-related themed rewards. By ordering the special menu, you received your personalized bucket of fried chicken, stickers and more.

The star of the collaboration was the pair of pins starring Diluc and Noelle. You received these cosmetics by saying the following words to an employee of the chain: “Let’s meet in another world, enjoy your delicious food.” As you can imagine, the scenes were totally surreal.

The promotion started on March 14 in China, but the fans didn’t want to miss it for the world. KFCs in Shanghai and Hangzhou have seen hundreds of people lined up outside their doors since the night before. No one wanted to miss out on their Genshin Impact cubes and pins. Both the North American chain and those responsible for the game have cut their losses, given the country’s restrictions in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.


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