Genshin Impact Introduces New Character Hu Tao


From miHoYo they present Hu Tao, “The guide from beyond”, a new female character that comes to Genshin Impact with its own gachapon in version 1.3.

From miHoYo they do not slow or stop the pace of updates for Genshin Impact, their successful and complex title. We recently received version 1.3 of the game, along with a handful of special events for the “Rite of the Lantern”, new minigames, a chance to get free protogems and much more. The latest news at the time of writing these lines are related to the arrival of a new female character to the game: Hu Tao, who is known as “The guide from beyond” and we can join our team if we are lucky in the gachapon of she. We tell you all about it, below.

Hu Tao Gachapon: date and times
Date: from day 2 to March 16, 2021
Time: from 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd to 2:59 p.m. on the 16th

The name of this new promotional gachapon is “Fleeting Bloom” and it will allow us to have a 50% probability that Hu Tao will touch us when we get a five-star roll. The other half of the options are divided between epic weapons and other high-level characters, so luck is a factor with a lot of weight when spending our protogems and wishes to make these rolls in the hope that the brightness of the star that crosses the firmament is golden.

Hu Tao: Key Features of “The Guide to the Hereafter”
Vision: Pyro (Fire)
Affiliation: Funeraria El Camino
Weapon: Spear
Constellation Papilio Charontis
“A particular character of the most unpredictable that you should never underestimate. However, if you like surprises, then don’t hesitate to go looking for it ”. Named Zhongli Hu Tao, she is the 77th director of The Poettes Way of Dark Funeral Home. Her vision (or her ability power) of hers is Fire, Pyro, while her primary weapon is the Lance. She is a character that deals massive damage with short bursts of damage. By activating her Elemental Skill, she consumes Life to increase her damage capacity for a set period of time. By activating her Ultimate Ability, she deals instant damage and heals herself.

Legendary mission «Papilio Charontis»
Duration: from February 2 until always, “permanently available”.
Participation requirements: Have reached Adventure Rank 40 or higher. Complete Archon Mission Chapter I: Act II: “Farewell, Master Enhanced.”
Additional details: After reaching the required Adventure Rank and completing the corresponding mission, we can use a Legendary Key to unlock Hu Tao’s legendary mission “Papilio Charontis”. When we reach Adventure Rank 26 or higher, we will unlock the legendary mission function. The Legendary Key is obtained by completing the tasks of the day. You can get a Legendary Key for every 8 orders we complete.


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