Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Precious Chest in the Yasna Monument


Precious chests are really valuable in Genshin Impact. As in older regions, Sumeru also contains several sealed precious chests that can only be opened if Genshin Impact players have solved some kind of puzzle. One of them exists in the area of the Yasna Monument.

Along with the Precious Chest, the Dendroculus is protected, which makes the removal of the seal even more important for players. If players are unable to unlock the Precious Chest in the Clear Monuments, they can try the following simple steps.

How to unlock the precious chest in the monument is clear in Genshin Impact

To unlock the Precious Chest in the Yasna Monument, Genshin Impact players need to go through several steps.

First you need to play an Old Lyre to cause a Healthy Dendrogranum. If that didn’t work, it’s because the traveler hasn’t learned the Sprout Rhythm yet. To learn this rhythm, players must complete the Aranyaka quest, in particular the quest “The Rhythm that Feeds the Sprout”.

After receiving Healthy Dendrogranum, Genshin Impact travelers may notice two green auras flying in harmony to three different locations. Follow them to these places, as in each place there is a small puzzle that needs to be solved.

The first location is located to the west of the Precious Chest. The green auras stop at the Dendro flying object. Summon a Healthy Dendrogranum, follow the auras and shoot at the Dendro object.

The second location is located to the east of the Precious Chest. Green auras rise into the rock, where there is another Dendro object. To do it right, summon a Healthy Dendrogranum, follow the auras, hit the bouncing Electro mushroom, jump on it, use the Four-Leaf Seal to get to the rock, and finally shoot the Dendro object.

The last place is on the other roots of the tree. Green auras stop on a stone with green leaves. Players must go to this place twice. Once to shoot at a rock after summoning a Healthy Dendrogranum, and once to shoot at a Dendro object hidden behind a rock.

As soon as all three Dendro objects are activated, the green dome protecting the Precious Chest in the Yasna Monument will disappear. Now players can collect the Dendroculus from above and open the Genshin Impact Chest. Inside it, people can count on earnings:

Primogems x10 Dendro Sigils x3 Adventure Experience x30

Dendro Sigil is a currency that can be offered to the Dream Tree in Vanaran. Players will receive various rewards from this tree, so be sure to thoroughly explore the region. Although it’s not certain yet, reaching the last level of the Dream Tree will probably open a Gift Shop at Dusk. This pattern was previously encountered in Genshin Impact Inazuma, where a gift shop becomes available after players maximize their Sacred Sakura Tree.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.


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