Genshin Impact: How to Process Ingredients for Cooking


In our complete guide we explain how you can process ingredients in Genshin Impact, now available for free on PC, PS4, iOS and Android.

One of the main attractions of Genshin Impact is the fact of being able to carry out a good number of activities in the magical world built by miHoYo. One of them is to explore various territories, complete missions and temples, and discover everything that Teyvat has to offer. Collecting ingredients, processing and cooking them is one of these activities that we can do at Genshin Impact. Since newcomers can feel a bit confused about what can and cannot be done in the game, below and as part of this complete guide we will explain it in detail so that no dish or delicacy can resist you.

How to process ingredients

The first thing we have to do is get those ingredients, which await us in different parts of nature such as trees, bushes, animals that run happily through the field until we appear on the scene or boxes and chests, among other places. Once our protagonist’s bag is full, we must go to a bonfire on which a casserole rests. They are found in different places on the map, so you will have to go exploring to find them. Even so, we give you a clue and we indicate that to find the one closest to the first big city in the game you just have to cross the bridge and continue straight until you find an NPC there next to our “target bonfire”.

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By interacting with this pot we can open the Genshin Impact kitchen menu. Once inside, we select the chili pepper icon on the screen, something that will automatically lead us to the processing screen we were looking for. There we just have to choose the foods we want to process and get them to queue and process as time goes by (it changes in each case).

Once they are ready we can obtain processed ingredients such as the following, which we leave as an example: Cream (with processed milk), Bacon (with processed raw meat and salt), Sausage, Sugar, Flour, Butter …


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