Genshin Impact: how to get free protogems


We explain how to get protogems and primogems in Genshin Impact for free through events and more; on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android.

Genshin Impact offers a model based on the gacha genre used mostly in titles for mobile devices. In them, the entry barrier is free-to-play but later we find a series of optional doors in which they offer us envelopes or loot boxes in exchange for real money to be able to get new exclusive characters and other elements such as weapons and accessories. However, there is more than one way to get these protogems and primogems used in the title of myHoYo, so below and as part of this complete guide we leave them detailed. In addition, we remember that we have already specified how to perform the “reroll technique” to ensure that we get a Top Tier character from the beginning.

How to get free protogems and primogems

When we advance enough in the story we will arrive at the Guild of the first city, where a scene will take place after the first fight against the great blue dragon. There they will give us the Gachapon, a useful gadget that will help us to access different game options not available until that moment. One of them is the option to buy packs when “asking for Wishes”, which can contain exclusive characters, legendary weapons, special accessories and other interesting cosmetic items.

There are different currencies in the game and one of them is called protogems and primogems. As we have mentioned previously, we can go through the box and spend real money to get them, but there are other methods such as completing different missions and participating in temporary events to get them as a prize. An example of this is one of these events, available at the time of writing, is the so-called “Carpe Diem”. He simply proposes us to enter to play Genshin Impact several days in a row to get 100 protogems on the third day and up to 200 when accessing our account on day number 7.

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