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How to Get Bait for Fish in Genshin Impact Fish Bait Recipes and its Use in Genshin Impact How to Get Bait Materials in Genshin Impact Line Stabilizer

The gameplay of fishing in Genshin Impact 2.1 includes not only five different fish families, but also four different baits. Each species responds to only one type of bait, so it’s important to have recipes for all of them.

This new permanent feature can bring new fish-themed weapons to Genshin Impact. Currently, one weapon available for exchange is in great demand. This “The Catch” weapon requires Raimei Angelfish and Kois. There is a very high probability that more weapons will be available in exchange for other fish.

Updated by Nahda Nabiila on September 19, 2022: With the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, a new region, Sumeru, is now available. In addition to the lush jungle and barren desert in which players will see themselves, the new area also has a new set of fish that can be caught. Of course, new species require different types of bait to lure them to the Traveler’s bait. Eventually, catching these fish will allow people to get a new bow called End of the Line. In addition, a new type of fish, stingrays, was added to Genshin Impact 2.4. However, this species does not need a new bait, they settle for an existing fake bait.

How to get bait for fish in Genshin Impact

The first bait that players will receive is a bait with fruit paste. The recipe becomes available as soon as players unlock the fishing feature. In addition to Fruit Paste Bait, four more are available:

Red Rot Bait False Worm Bait Fake Fly Bait Sugar Dew Bait

The first three drawings can be bought from Nantuk, a fisherman in Mondstadt. Meanwhile, the recipe for sugar dew bait can be obtained from Lumelat from the Fishing Association Sumeru. Each of the drawings requires three Jellyfish, an ordinary fish that reacts to a basic bait made of fruit paste. After unlocking the recipes, players can create lures using the workbench.

Fish Bait Recipes and their use in Genshin Impact

Different baits need different ingredients. Players can access this table along with the fish that react to each bait.

There is no name for the bait Fish reacting to the bait Materials for making 1. Bait made of fruit paste Aizen Medaka Crystal fish Dawn Catcher Glaze Medaka Medaka Fragrant flower Medaka 1 Sunset 1 Wheat 2. Bait for red rot Akai Demon Lord Betta Falling stickleback Snow weevil Poisonous needle Fish 1 Dendrobium 1 Poultry 3. Bait for false worm Invariable angel fish Brown shirakodai Purple shirakodai Raimei Angel fish tea color shirakodai 1 Condensate slime 1 Berry 4. Fake bait Bitter fish blowfish Blowfish Golden koi Rusty koi Divda Stingray Formalo Stingray 1 Cherry blossom 1 Horsetail 5. Bait for sugar dew Jade axe Marlin Lapis lazuli axe Marlin Peach of Deep waves Angler of sandstorm Angler of sunset clouds Angler of real fruits 1 harra fruit 1 rose Twilight

How to get Bait Materials in Genshin Impact

Knowing what materials they need for each bait, players also need to know where to get them.

Source of materials Sunsettia Harvest trees in the open world, mainly in Liue and Mondstadt. Purchase in Bolai (Liue Harbor) at 170 Mora for each. Purchase from Aramani (Genshin Impact Dream Vanarana, Sumeru) 170 Pestilence for each character. Wheat expedition. Purchase at a department store. (any region) for 100 Mora for each Dendrobium Can be obtained throughout Nazuchi Beach, Maguu Kenki Arena, Pyro Hypostasis Arena and northwest of Kujo, Bird Camp Can be obtained for killing birds Character Expedition Purchase from Draff (Springvale, Mondstadt) 240 Mora for each Purchase from Ashpazi (Gandharva Villa, Sumeru) for 240 Pestilence, each Condensate of slime Object falls out when killing slimes Picking berries from bushes in the open world Cherry blossoms A local delicacy Inazuma, much can be found around the Sacred Sakura Tree Horsetail is available in the Dihua swamps and the Liue Stone Gate area To buy at the Bubu Pharmacy in Liue for 240 Pestilence for each character. The expedition of the characters Rose of Sumeru is available throughout Sumeru Harra Fruit harvest from bushes at Sumeru Purchase from Aramani (Son Vanaran, Sumeru) 240 Mora for each Purchase from Jute (Grand Bazaar, city of Sumeru) 240 Mora for each Purchase from Hamavi (Department Store, city of Sumeru) 240 Mora for each character Expedition

Fishing lures are just as important as the fishing rod itself. Without it, players will not be able to catch the fish they want. It is also very important to remember which fish reacts to which bait. Otherwise, it will be difficult for players to fish in Genshin Impact.


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