Genshin Impact: How to Finish Chapter 1 of Aranyaki (Meeting in the Forest)


Aranyaka is the main world task that Genshin Impact travelers must complete at Dusk. It consists of several chapters, each of which has different puzzles and systems. However, they have similarities where they are all related, and they are all related to Aranara.

To begin the journey with these forest creatures, Genshin Impact players must first activate the first part of the Aranyaka. This will open up the rest of the chapters and people can play whatever they prefer first. However, after completing the quest chain, Travelers should soon realize that the complete completion of the chapter will be ticked in their Forest Log. To finish Chapter 1 and get a tick on aranyaka, players need to do this.

How to Start Chapter 1 of Aranyaki in Genshin Impact

To launch the Aranyaka Quest: Part I – Encounter in the forest in Genshin Impact, players need to find a Wound north of the village of Vimara, where a Forest Watcher is attacked by some mushrooms. If you get close to the location of the Wound, a blue exclamation mark will appear on the map.

After a series of events, the Wound in Genshin Impact will eventually get sick under the influence of Marana (Desiccation). To help her, players must obtain a Biju, an item created from memories. This will lead to the fact that Travelers will have to help several Aranara so that they can hold the Utsava Festival. However, after that, chapter 1 of Aranyaki will not be marked as completed.

How to complete Chapter 1 of Aranyaki in Genshin Impact

To get a tick in chapter 1 of Aranyaki, players need to take care of the “bad guy” in the village of Vimara.

After finishing chapter 2 of Aranyaki and seeing how Rana gets a vision, go back to the village and find Alfonso. When telling about everything that happened, choose Sudabe and Kavusa so that they answer correctly.

Since the main character knows that Alfonso is a bad guy, the main character decides to send Paymon away.

Soon enough, players will have two options: fight Alfonso or ask him to leave.

If the players choose a battle, then they need to fight the Snow Spy. This will give an instant mark in chapter 1 of Aranyaki, so this is the easier way.

However, for those who decide to let Alfonso escape, this will lead to some additional steps. As soon as the spy leaves, the Genshin Impact traveler must teleport to the Statue of Seven in Old Vanaran. Then head east until the travelers come across the hounds. Defeat them, then explore the glowing spot on the ground.

After you take the tattered paper, the quest will be completed and the players will receive a tick in Chapter 1 of Aranyaki indicating that the quest chain is completed.

The achievement “Eternal Outcast in the Forest” will be issued for the expulsion of Alfonso. This Genshin Impact achievement rewards players with five brilliant primogs.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.


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