Genshin Impact: how cross play and cross save works


We explain how the cross save and cross play works in Genshin Impact to play with other players on PC, PS4, iOS and Android.

One of the most successful titles on the current scene, Genshin Impact, has a cross play system and cross save. Below and as part of this guide we explain in detail what this means, but basically we can anticipate that it is about being able to play with our friends the multiplayer mode of the title regardless of the platform from which we access (PC, PS4, iOS and Android ), in addition to having the progress of our game linked to our private account. Of course, there are certain restrictions that we tell you here.

How does cross play work in Genshin Impact?

As we have mentioned, cross-play is a system available in miHoYo’s work that allows us to enjoy multiplayer with other users even if we play on PC and they, for example, on Android. Of course, we will have to be in the same region to be able to play together.

As we explained in the corresponding article, we must fulfill an essential requirement before being able to unlock the multiplayer. Basically it’s about reaching adventurer rank 16, something that progresses independently of the progression by level of our characters. This rank can be increased by playing and completing missions, events and other tasks that the world of Genshin Impact has to offer.

How does cross save work in Genshin Impact?

On the other hand, cross save allows us to have our progress and departure on any platform. We can start playing on our iOS mobile and when we return home continue on PC, for example. The only one that doesn’t work is the PS4 version, since because the files are hosted on PlayStation Network, they go their own independent way.

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Thanks to this system we will make sure not to lose progress, since it will be saved automatically. In addition, it will be more comfortable since we will not need to do it manually. Of course, a stable Internet connection will be necessary in order to avoid data loss caused by an involuntary disconnection. It is worth mentioning that there are platforms in which our account is linked to others such as our PSN user (in the case of PlayStation 4), so performing tricks such as reroll will be more complicated than on PC or mobile devices.


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