Genshin Impact had about 14 billion slimes killed in 2020


The producer miHoYo has revealed some very curious data about its hit game Genshin Impact. Now we know that, until December 29, 2020, no less than 14 billion slimes and 17 billion hilichurls were killed by the adventurers on duty!

More precisely, there were 14,413,178,335 slimes and 17,246,232,841 hilichurls. Among other curiosities, we now know that 7,542,521 bird nest eggs were stolen every day! Check the complete data on the official twitter of the producer:

If you want to help increase these numbers even more, the game is now available for free download on PC, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4. Have you tried this free to play? What do you think of him? Comment below!


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