Genshin Impact Glitch Shows How Techies Swim In Their Test Domain


Crashes have been a fairly frequent occurrence in Genshin Impact, which is to be expected, as the world of Teiwat continues to expand with almost every new update. While some bugs can be annoying if they cause players to miss in Spiral Abyss, most of them are harmless.

Genshin Impact allows players to try out new characters for free, offering test runs that take place in a special domain in which they must fight a group of enemies. A new post in the official subreddit of the game revealed an interesting glitch involving one of the new characters, Tignari.

Reddit user Shushyy posted a video showing new user luca Dendro flying in the air in his test domain. The video was well received by the gaming community, as the post received more than 8 thousand votes. Several responses in the comments section claim that they had a similar experience after logging into the Tignari test run. Several fans noted that Shushyy did a great job editing the video right before Tignari told that the enemy was hit. Tignari is currently available as part of an ongoing double banner featuring him alongside another popular five-star character, Geo user Zhongli.

What a beautiful day for swimming by Genshin_Impact

The Genshin Impact community reacted ambiguously when the HoYoverse developer announced that Tighnari would join the Standard Banner after the end of Update 3.0. While some fans welcome the decision to expand the set of characters for the standard banner, others argue that this change will reduce the chances of increasing the level of Tighnari constellations in the future, since it is unlikely that in the near future he will appear on a banner with a limited set of characters.

This means that players who want to get the popular Forest Watcher on C6 should try to do so as soon as possible, given that his banner ends on September 9th. Tighnari is a strong Dendro DPS character whose style of play revolves around using the unique mechanics of his Charged. Attack. Its damage potential largely depends on a new elementary reaction called Quicken, as well as on its sub-reaction, Spread.

To trigger these spontaneous reactions, players need to combine elements of Dendro and Electro. Even though he seems like a decent DPS choice in Genshin Impact, Tignari doesn’t have much to offer when he leaves the battlefield. Other Dendro characters like Collei or the new version of Travaler seem to have much better Dendro apps, even if they are replaced.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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