Genshin Impact generates $ 100 million in two weeks


If it reached a whopping $ 50 million in its first week, it now manages to offset development costs in just two weeks.

Genshin Impact, miHoYo’s new open-world RPG, has managed to exceed $ 100 million in revenue in just two weeks. Less than half a month is what this possible new phenomenon of the free to play genre (free with integrated microtransactions) has needed to collect everything they needed for their production, marketing included.

More than 23 million players on PS4, iOS, Android and PC

In this way, Genshin Impact is already profitable and is beginning to generate profits in the Chinese studio, not without controversy due to its monetization system based on the purchase of random content (loot boxes) under a gacha format. Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners, assures that it is, without a doubt, the “most successful launch of an original IP from China”, which translates into a milestone for the Asian giant, from which he perceives the greater amount of that income next to Japan, South Korea and the United States. When it comes to downloads, we are talking about more than 23 million players.

Genshin Impact, download for free on PS4, PC, iOS and Android

Genshin Impact is now available for PS4, PC, iOS, and Android worldwide in digital format. We tell you how to download it for free (free to play) in this article. In the future we will have a version for Nintendo Switch, currently in development; For its part, on PS5 we may have news soon. If you are going to play it on a computer or mobile devices, here are the minimum and recommended system requirements.

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