Genshin Impact: Fans Threaten Lawsuit for Character Change


In a gacha game like Genshin Impact, players need to be certain about the characters they can acquire when spending their money, even if they don’t know if they’re really going to get what they want. In the case of the recent addition to the game’s cast of heroes, known as Raiden Shogun, fans of the game felt cheated precisely because they believed their abilities would be so different.

Part of that expectation came when Raiden was still in the beta testing phase, in which some players had the chance to check out the character firsthand, under the agreement not to reveal anything about her until her official release. Unfortunately, many don’t stick to this kind of deal and end up leaking hero details ahead of time, including abilities that can easily be changed or even removed in the final version.

During tests, Raiden Shotgun had electrical powers that indicated it had a great synergy with the character Beidou, who has abilities of the same element. Taking that into account, Genshin Impact fans wasted no time and invested money in trying to unlock the new character as soon as possible.

The frustration came right after her official arrival in the game, when it was discovered that she had no effect on Beidou’s abilities and, in fact, she was one of the only heroines in the game who had no synergy whatsoever with him. It’s still quite powerful and can be used in a few different ways, but that doesn’t erase the fact that so many players felt cheated by the changes.

The situation did not take long to take on greater proportions on the official Genshin Impact forums, with some Western and Eastern players threatening to sue developer miHoYo, as so many people spent a lot of money expecting something totally different from what was delivered. There are already some images circulating that seem to prove that certain fans have gone ahead and filed a lawsuit against the studio, but miHoYo has yet to comment on the case.


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