Genshin Impact: Fan Tells Signora’s Story in Sensational Arts


Genshin Impact character got his own fan-created story teaser. The images are so impressive that they confused Reddit users, who thought they were official artwork from MiHoYo’s action RPG.


In the publication entitled “Signora Story Teaser: The Fair Lady” (something like “Signora Story Teaser: A Bela Dama”, in free translation into Brazilian Portuguese), a user attached a sequence of drawings showing Rosalyne-Kruzchka’s journey Lohefalter, also known as Signora.

The most interesting thing is that although they are fanarts, the images are based on the character’s official story. Obwuda, who created the artwork seen in the Reddit post, not only took pains to reproduce the look of the MiHoYo story trailers, but also drew on various Signora information found in the game.

The arts were also shared on Twitter, where Obwuda goes by Astruma. On the social network, users left several comments stating that they also thought they were new official art leaks.

“I tried my best to replicate the look of the [game] story trailers. I think Signora’s story is really interesting, albeit overlooked by the main plot,” he said on the forum.

Obwuda explained in the publication that although his arts mostly follow Signora’s story according to texts found in the game itself, some specific excerpts are fan creations. Anyway, the end result was amazing!

Genshin Impact is an open world action RPG game. The game is free and has versions for PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


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