Genshin Impact fan demonstrates Similarities between the demonstration of Tighnari and Ganyu characters


The new Genshin Impact update will add three new characters to the game list: Tignari, Collie and Dori. The first two characters are introduced in the first part of the update, and Dori is scheduled for the second banner cycle.

Each new addition to the game list has its own demonstration of the characters, which is released a couple of days before they join the live servers. A new post in the popular Genshin Impact subreddit shows the similarities between the two character demonstrations.

Reddit user dombatoe noticed a number of similarities between the recently released character demo for Tighnari and an older demo featuring popular Cryo user Luka Ganyu. Firstly, both characters compliment the plants, which is not surprising in Tignari’s case, given that he is also known as a Forest Watcher. The two characters also seem to be holding some kind of ball at certain points in their demonstrations, and they both have unique charged attack mechanics.

Demo Tignari and Ganyu side by side from Genshin_Impact

Holding the Charged Attack button a little longer than usual will make the arrows much more powerful. In Tignari’s case, his Wreath Arrow will create four Thunderflower Arrows that track nearby enemies and deal Dendro damage in the process. Ganyu’s Ice Arrow blooms after reaching a target that deals cryo damage over an area. The last similarity mentioned in the Reddit thread is that both demos show two characters fighting enemies in a dream.

Mutliple replies in the comments section that they will most likely skip the limited Tignari banner, as the HoYoverse developer has announced that he will join the standard banner after 3.0 ends, which means they will eventually get this character when they lose 50/50 on the limited five. – a star. However, this also means that once Tignari joins the standard banner, it will take a ton of primogems to acquire all levels of his constellation, since the banner depicts six different characters.

Players who want to get a new five-star Dendro character should keep in mind that the duration of his banner has been shortened due to recent adjustments to the Genshin Impact update schedule. Both Ganyu and Tignari are part of the current Genshin Impact 3.0 update, but Ganyu is scheduled for the second banner cycle. She is one of, if not the best DPS character in the game if combined with the right team composition. She will arrive on a double banner along with a strong five-star healer named Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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