Genshin Impact Fan creates an impressive Bennett concept for adults


The unique list of Genshin Impact characters continues to expand with each new version of the game. The current 2.8 update introduced a brand new four-star character and the first male catalyst in the game, Shikanoin Heizou.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of noise around each new addition to the game list, fans seem to still prefer to use old characters on the battlefield. A new post in the official Reddit subsection of Genshin Impact shows an impressive concept with one of the oldest four stars of the game.

Reddit user CWHardKnight shared an interesting piece of art depicting the fan-favorite adventurer Genshin Impact in adulthood. Their adult version of Bennett has completely different clothes, except for his iconic glasses. The whole concept has attracted a lot of attention in the Genshin Impact community, as the post has gained more than 4.5 thousand votes, and numerous responses in the comments section claim that they actually prefer this new and improved version of Bennett. A couple of comments say that HoYoverse should add a similar character in the future who can play Bennett’s brother.

Fans pointed out an interesting detail of the concept, which hints that Bennett lost his left arm at some point in the future, and it was replaced with an automaton-style prosthetic arm. Bennett is a unique Genshin Impact character whose personality in the game revolves around bad luck. However, despite the harrowing periods of setbacks he faces, Bennett is still full of passion when it comes to adventure. When it comes to his strength on the battlefield, Bennett is still considered the best four-star character in Genshin Impact.

With one of the strongest natural explosions in Genshin Impact, Fantastic Voyage creates a large field that gives significant healing and gives one of the best damage buffs in the game. Despite the fact that he can be a decent main character or a minor character, Bennett shines the most when he is put in a supporting role. By putting Bennett in a support position, players should focus on boosting HP and recharging energy.

Bennett is currently available as he is part of the ongoing limited Tapestry of Golden Flames banner. The banner ends around August 23, which means that players have about two more weeks to get their hands on this unique four-star character. However, players should probably avoid getting Bennett’s latest constellation, given that his Fantasy Journey infuses the character’s weapon with an arsonist. This can interfere with many elemental reactions and significantly reduce the potential damage for most team lineups in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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