Genshin Impact: Explanation of the Five Legendary Yakshas


Yakshi are a mysterious race of beings originating from Liue. Before the events of Genshin Impact, many wandered around the region, serving geoarchon Rex Lapis. However, it is known that none of them are currently active, with the exception of one, which the player can get with the help of Wishes.

This last remaining yaksha Genshin Impact is a powerful, once member of the Five Yakshas. These legendary yakshas were the most formidable of their kind, capable of defeating many forms of monsters with their Elemental abilities and combat prowess.

Five Yakshas Genshin Impact

It is said that after the War of the Archons of the Genshi Strike, the remains of the dead gods decomposed into the ground, but their souls were filled with bitterness. This bitterness was so strong that it manifested itself in evil monsters. Then the creatures caused damage to Liue, causing great disasters and all kinds of tragedies to befall people.

Thus, Rex Lapis summoned the “luminous beasts” known as yakshi. These creatures were intimidating in appearance and cruel in nature, ready to kill anything that threatened the rule of Geo Archon. Five of them were known as the strongest of all — Bosakios, Indarias, Bonanus, Menogias and Alatus. They were simply known as Yakshi in Genshin Impact.

These five yakshas served as the protectors of Rex Lapis Lazuli in Genshin Impact for years, defeating the countless evils that pursued Liyue. However, it had to be paid for. The divine bitterness that still lingered began to poison them, destroying them from within. Some of the yakshas fell into blind rage, and some were driven to madness by indescribable fear. Others even attacked their fellow humans, killing them. As a result, three Yakshas died, one disappeared, and only one survived.

The missing yaksha was Bosatius, a four-armed being who wielded the power of Electro in Genshin Impact. He was tired of his duties, so he abandoned them and his brothers when he saw that Liyue was safe. However, divine bitterness still possessed him afterwards, forcing him to forget his own name. Despite this, Bosatius will play a crucial role in the Cataclysm. He helped the Liyu forces as they fought the monsters of the Khenri’a, eventually making the ultimate sacrifice to protect the humans.

The Last Yaksha in Genshin Impact

As for the last living yaksha, his name is Alatus, but the players know him better as Xiao from Genshin Impact. His other titles include “Golden-Winged King” and “Demon Conqueror”. Now that Liyue has known peace, Xiao spends most of his time in the Wangshu Tavern, avoiding crowds and any forms of human interaction. When he has to talk to someone, he is often brief in his answers, which makes him seem unapproachable. Although this is only because he is afraid that the bitterness poisoning him may spread to everyone with whom he communicates.

Although Xiao doesn’t show it, divine bitterness causes him physical pain, which Zhongli from Genshin Impact tries to alleviate by giving him medicine. He also has many painful memories of the Yakshas he once knew and fought together. He is one of the few who still remembers the enlightened beings and what they did for Li Yue. The rest of the inhabitants of the region believe that these are nothing but exaggerated legends. Although this is probably a good thing, because the locals may panic if they find out that yakshas and evil demons actually exist.

Given this, Xiao mostly keeps to himself, crossing Liue only to defeat monsters. Although some Genshin Impact quests push the lonely yaksha to cooperate with the Traveler, for example, his story quest and the world quest “Otherworldly Life: Path of the Penetrators”. As HoYoverse continues to add more content to the Liyue region, players can probably expect more knowledge about Xiao and Yaksha in the future.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently under development.