Genshin Impact: Every active promo code (August 2022)


As a free role-playing game, Genshin Impact regularly has active promo codes that can be used to get rewards in the game. As a rule, new codes appear every month, while others expire. For F2P users, these codes are especially useful as it is a way to get Primogems and other valuable items without spending money. For those looking for active Genshin Impact codes for August 2022, several are currently available.

As in previous months, users will need to log in to their account or redeem them through the game menu (depending on preferences and platform). Although Genshin Impact live broadcast codes usually expire within 24 hours of their disclosure during special program broadcasts, these other codes can be used throughout the month. This gives them some advantage over fast-expiring codes and live rewards.

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Active promo codes for August 2022 in Genshin Impact together with the corresponding awards are currently:

XTNDKTEBWA59 — 60 primogems and 5 adventurers EXPGENSHINGIFT — 50 primogems and 3 hero wits (for new players) MTNUJBXDD72R — 60 primogems and 5 adventurer experience

New players can especially take advantage of these codes, as it is unlikely that they have used them before. For long-time players, if the code doesn’t work, it’s probably because it’s already been used on this account. The adventurer’s experience, primogems and much more help in passing the game, so it’s always worth checking whether the code has already been activated or not.

Genshin Impact Codes that No Longer Work in August 2022

Unfortunately, many past Genshin Impact codes have expired since the game’s launch in 2020, which means they no longer work. If someone can’t redeem the code, they can check the list below to make sure they’re no longer active, or to make sure they haven’t entered the code incorrectly. The list of Genshin Impact codes expired as of August 2022 can be found below:


Возможно, некоторые из этих кодов снова заработают позже — или другие коды будут добавлены в список в августе 2022 года. Иногда новые коды появляются в середине месяца, поэтому всегда стоит следить за обновлениями. С обновлением Genshin Impact 3.0, которое выйдет в конце августа и представит регион Сумеру и целый ряд новых персонажей, сейчас самое подходящее время, чтобы начать копить Primogems.


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