Genshin Impact: difficulties with PS4


We chatted with miHoYo before the launch of their biggest project, a difficult road to get the game they always wanted to make.

This September 28th, Genshin Impact is launched, the most ambitious project to date from the Chinese studio miHoYo. Founded in 2011, the small group of three students from Shanghai Jiaotong University got together with recent graduates to try to make what might seem impossible a reality, immerse themselves in the digital entertainment sector to bring out their three great passions: anime, comics and video games. .

Genshin Impact is the result of eight years of experience, but there has been much before; including the title by which they are known internationally, Honkai Impact 3rd, which continues to be a mobile phenomenon in Asia. We have chatted with its creators to tell us what is behind what aims to be one of the next phenomena of the fantastic Action RPG within the free to play universe.

Because to understand the title that concerns us today it is necessary to mention the project started in 2014, when for that still small group of developers self-defined as otaku (hence their motto “Tech Otakus Save the World”) they launched to develop that acclaimed hack and slash with gacha elements that is Honkai Impact 3rd, which we already talked about when it was launched years ago on our YouTube channel.

Attractive to the eye, mechanics that knew how to adapt very well to the emerging trend of random content, charismatic characters and a gameplay that, even today, surprises on iOS and Android terminals. In August 2018, what seemed like a milestone arrived: the game had become the number one video game in downloads from the App Store in China, a particularly particular market where being in the Top-5 is really impressive.

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