Genshin Impact: Dendro Traveler Skills and Gameplay Leak


Genshin Impact has officially announced the appearance of a brand new nation named Sumeru in the upcoming major update. The game’s social media accounts have already revealed three new characters for 3.0, two of which use the new Dendro element.

However, it looks like Colley and Tignari won’t be the only Dendro characters to appear in the first Sumeru update. With the addition of each new major region to the game, the main character of Genshin Impact can now equip and use an additional element.

A popular Genshin Impact insider named Ubatcha1 revealed the gameplay animation for the upcoming version of Dendro Traveler. The traveler is the main character of Genshin Impact, and at the beginning of his journey, players have the opportunity to choose between Lumin and Ether to guide them through the world of Teiwat. At the moment, the Traveler can be equipped with three different elements: Anemo, Geo and Electro, which represent the three current main regions: Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma. The appearance of a new region means that both Ether and Lumine will learn to control an additional element named Dendro.

The video shows how Lumine uses the Dendro element in the new Genshin Impact region called Sumeru. According to new leaks, Lumin’s elemental skill will allow her to strike with her blade, releasing a spray of razor-sharp leaves in front of the character dealing damage to the Dendro. The skill will deal 230-547% damage from her attack, and it will have an even 8-second cooldown. While the elemental is pretty simple, the new explosion seems a lot more complicated.

Using their elemental explosion will allow the Traveler to create a Lea Lotus Lamp that deals continuous damage to the Dendro over a large area. The Lea Lotus lamp reacts differently when it is affected by three hydro-electro and pyro. Applying Hydro to it will increase its range, and dealing Electro damage to the Lamp will increase its attack speed, which can be useful if players need constant use of Dendro. The use of an arsonist will cause the Lamp to explode and disappear completely, causing AoE damage to the Dendro.

Fans seem to be very happy with the new Dendro Traveler, as he seems to be much stronger compared to their other elemental forms. For example, a new elemental skill deals almost the same damage as the Geo skill, but has a much larger scope. Many answers claim that the new elemental explosion is probably the best skill of the Traveler in general, as it gives a continuous application of the Dendro outside the field for 15 seconds.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.