Genshin Impact debuts: $ 50 million in its first week


MiHoYo celebrates a total of 17 million downloads in just four days with more than 20 million registrations before its departure. Great launch.

Genshin Impact has started its journey in the market in style. The new miHoYo video game has registered more than 17 million downloads in just four days on mobile devices, to which we must also add the downloads registered in the PS Store for PS4 and computer players. According to an analysis by App Annie, we can talk about more than 50 million dollars in revenue since its launch on September 28.

$ 100 million projection in your first month

The fantastic ARPG of the Chinese study, which bases its business model on a free to play system (free with microtransactions) like gacha, is already at the top of the category of apps with the highest amount of income both in Asia and in the States United. Speaking to IGN, market analyst Daniel Ahmad, an expert in the Chinese market at Niko Partners, estimates that the game has exceeded $ 50 million in its first week with a very high percentage of that amount coming from the markets of China, Japan and North America. With this data, they estimate a revenue of more than 100 million dollars when it has completed its first month in the market.

“The game has had more than 20 million pre-launch registrations, of which more than 5 million are from outside of China,” Ahmad explains. “This is a great achievement not only for the Chinese video game market, but also for a new intellectual property.” That 75% of income from the Asian giant has a reason for being, as assumed.

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In China, the business model with monetization based on microtransactions and purchase of random content is well established in Asia, more than in the West. “MiHYo has worked to ensure that players can play the title without having to pay to progress, while it is possible to monetize the game through those who want to pay to get the best characters and equipment sooner.” In that country, it is the largest international launch.


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