Genshin Impact Confirms PS4 Release Date


MiHoYo’s open-world free-to-play title will hit PC and mobile devices on that date. We know the details of its additional content.

Genshin Impact will be released for free under a free to play business model on PS4 on September 28. The Chinese studio MiHoYo, after confirming the availability date of the title on PC and iOS and Android mobile devices, now declares that the ambitious open-world action RPG title will be released on Sony’s home platform without any delay.

With the reservation campaign now available with incentives in the form of rewards, the title has already several million registered players to start playing from day one. These extras, which are contents that we can also obtain while playing, are designed for the initial stages of the game; kind of a newbie batch.

At the expense of knowing if it finally reaches 3 million registrations (it is on the verge of achieving it as of today), these are the rewards that Genshin Impact users who register before departure will receive:

  • If 600,000 records are reached: fisherman’s toast × 5 Blackberry × 10,000
  • With 1,000,000 records: Seasonal Stew × 5 Fine Refinement Ore × 10
  • With 1,500,000 entries: Mondstadt Potato Omelette × 5 Adventurer XP × 10
  • With 2,000,000 records: Encounter of Destiny × 2
  • With 3,000,000 records: Encounter of Destiny × 4
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