Genshin Impact Confirms 60 FPS on PS5


MiHoYo’s popular free-to-play free game will debut with Sony’s new console ensuring reduced loading times and better graphics.

Genshin Impact will not miss the PS5 launch on November 12. The Sony console, which prepares its landing in many countries this Thursday (November 19 in Europe, Spain included), will be accompanied by a long list of free games, most of them under a free to play business model, with the incentive to take advantage of one way or another the advantages of this new generation hardware. In the case of the popular MiHoYo game, with 60 frames per second.

Genshin Impact: reduced loading times, 60 FPS and better graphics on PS5

As they have confirmed through a post on PlayStation Blog: “An update will be available on the occasion of the launch of version 1.1, which offers 60 FPS in the gameplay as well as other great features already incorporated in the PS4 version,” they say.

Thanks to the backward compatibility of PS5 with PS4, which guarantees that we can play 99% of the more than 4000 titles of the latter, Genshin Impact will be on that list and will allow us to continue our progress right where we left off, although on PlayStation 5 the times load will be greatly reduced and the technical section greatly improved.

This version, 1.1, is now available to players, which incorporates new characters, activities, content and hours of play to continue squeezing this JRPG adventure with action combat and collection of materials. In our current section you can find all the news about these latest patches.

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Genshin Impact, which has established itself as a true success in just a few weeks, is now available on PS4, PC, iOS and Android. We explain how to download it for free (free to play) in this article. A version for Nintendo Switch will be released soon, currently in development


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