Genshin Impact: Collegi Ascension and a list of materials for talents


Materials for Leveling Collei Ascension Items Collei Talent Materials

Although many Genshin Impact fans are well acquainted with Colley due to her role in the manga, she finally appears as a playable character in the game. Although she only has four stars, she is exciting for two reasons: the aforementioned familiarity with the player base and the fact that she is one of the first Dendro playable characters ever released.

Anyone who hopes to add Colley to their team should raise her level and improve her talents. Her talents and ascension require a lot of materials and Mora, which will be described in this guide.

Leveling materials

Each Genshin Impact character needs a metric ton of experience and a fortune at Sea to reach level 90, which is the highest level.

Objects of the Ascension of Collies

Collie is one of the first playable characters to need the Nagadus Emerald, the ascension jewel for Dendro characters. In addition, she will need a few items found at Dusk, and a few drops of Hilichurl.

Precious Stones – where to find the Nagadus Emerald

While many players have stocks of elemental gems that have been around since the game’s launch, the Nagadus emerald will be much smaller since it wasn’t available before the Twilight debut. Thus, the question of how to get Nagadus Emerald is in the focus of many players.

Most of this green gemstone will be obtained by defeating bosses, the following of which can drop it:

Jade Feather

Enemy Drop – where to find Hilichurl arrowheads

The only materials for the ascension of the Collies that could be found before the liberation of Sumeru were arrowheads dropped by the Hilichurla arrows. While any type of Hilichurl, Samachurl, Lawachurl or Mitachurl can drop masks, only Hilichurl Shooters (those with crossbows) can drop these ascension items.

The higher the Hilichurl Shooter level, the better their drop can be, as shown here:

Any Level: Solid Arrowhead Level 40 and above: Sharp Arrowhead Level 60 and above: Weathered Arrowhead

Boss Drop – How to Get Majestic Hooked Beak

The subject of the boss of the Colony is a majestic hooked beak, which can only be obtained in one place: Twilight. In particular, this item can be obtained from the Dreaded Jade Feather Mushroom, an ordinary boss that is located in this region.

This boss has a fairly high Dendro damage resistance, so the Collie is not the best choice to take him into battle.

Local delicacy – Where to find Rukhashava mushrooms

Each region has some local branded items, and each character will use one of them for their ascension. Collei’s is a regional Sumeru specialty: rukhashava mushrooms. These blue and purple mushrooms are most often found in the Avidya forest and the Ashavan kingdom.

Call Talent Materials

Colley is a talented woman, and like any other character, she has three talents that can be improved with the right materials.


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