Genshin Impact Chart shows revenue from Tighnari and Zhongli banners for the first week


The first Sumeru update for Genshin Impact brought a new region to the world of Teiwat, and also introduced the long-awaited Dendro element. The first banner cycle for the 3.0 update features two popular five-star characters, Tignari and Zhongli, as well as a new four-star character Collie.

A new chart posted on the official Genshin Impact subreddit shows banner revenue for the first week for the first banner of the current version 3.0. According to numerous responses in the comments section, a double banner ranked 11th in the list is a decent and unexpected achievement.

Fans claim that they didn’t expect the banner to be so successful, given that the only new five-star character, Tignari, will join the standard banner in the upcoming update. Most of the community missed his banner, as they will most likely get this character in the future after losing 50/50 on a limited banner. Perhaps the most exciting thing about Tignari is the fact that he is the first five-star character with a Dendro Vision. HoYoverse’s decision to put Tignari on the Standard Banner caught many fans by surprise, and while some claim they like the fact that the list of characters on the Standard Banner is getting longer, it also means that it will be almost impossible to get all the Tignari constellations in the future.

Tighnari and Zhongli banner revenue for the first week (China iOS) from Genshin_Impact

The players also noted that HoYoverse should add another Geo character to the banner so that there are representatives of all seven elements in the game. Tignari is a decent DPS character in Genshin Impact who relies on dealing damage with his unique charged attack. As for his weapons, the current banner offers a five-star bow called The Hunter’s Way, which serves as a signature weapon for the Forest Watcher.

To get maximum damage, Tignari’s style of play should revolve around launching two new spontaneous reactions in Genshin Impact, Quicken and Spread, which means he should be surrounded by Dendro and Electro users. It should be noted that the second five-star character on the banner, Zhongli, is also responsible for the banner’s success.

Since his release in 2020, Zhongli has established himself as one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact, able to provide one of the best shields in the game, as well as inflict huge damage with his spontaneous explosion. Players who want to purchase two characters should get them as soon as possible, given that their banner expires on September 9.

Genshin Impact is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The switch version is under development.


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